Johnny's Custom Upholstery

Custom Made

Something Different, Something Special, Something Unique

Custom furniture is the best way to make the most of your space. When it comes to custom made furniture, we pride ourselves on the ability to make it work no matter how akward or irregular the shape or space in which it goes. Often times it is difficult to fit a production based piece into you home or business and this is where we can help by custom building something to fit. 

Custom Decorative Pillows

We believe every home can be comfy and beautiful with tons of personality. Our goal is to offer you high quality items that show attention to detail, things that you can proudly display. We love the versatility of pillow covers, they are a fun and easy way to change the feel of a room when the mood strikes!

Each item is made in our workshop , using designer fabrics and quality materials. We have a large variety of fabrics to choose from, so if you have a specific fabric or a general idea for fabric in mind, just contact us and ask.

We can also use your fabric from home if you would like. We welcom custom orders in all sizes, for example 14x14, 16x16, 18x18, etc. big or small we do them all.

Fully Tailored Slip Covers

The main purpose of a slip cover is to ensure the protection of your valuable furniture while providing the option of being able to wash your cover as frequently as you wish.

We are able to make slip covers for all styles of furniture, from sofas to a variety of chairs, headboards, ottomans and bedside tables. We can precisely copy original slip covers that you may have had in the past or we can create slip covers designed to the specifications of your individual piece of furniture.

Johnny's Tailore Slip Covers are precisely cut to the shape of your furniture so you retain the essential design of the original while also being able to remove them for cleaning. Using innovative techniques such as twirlyn buttons to retain original design features. Matching zippers and heavy duty threads give our covers durability and beauty all with a custom fit.